Norse Rock Musical

So here it is; my magnum opus that is so close to completion.

Back in 2010, I teamed up with Alex S. Garcia and we went to work to write a rock musical about Norse Mythology. I put the initial project together, and my marching orders was I want to eliminate the "magic" elements and have it be, for lack of a better phrase, contemporary.

Through spring and summer of 2011 we wrote the musical. Alex based the story off of selections from the Poetic Edda and the Prose Edda. He wrote the lyrics, and I put together the music. We finished July 2011.

I spent the next several years trying ways to make this a reality. I made several demos and shipped them to different theatre companies to no avail (which was to be expected). I tried staging it myself, but it was way too big a project for just myself. In 2013 I started just making a concept album. The music is all done, and the singers are about 55% done. I paused work on it in 2015 due to lack of suitable singers, and then other life events took over. It's been several years, but I am finishing it up now.

Below is a cast listing of the roles I still need to record updated as of March 2024. If you are interested, e-mail me at with some samples and what part you would like. I have sheet music to provide if you wanted to record a sample from the actual musical as well. If you're interested in a part that is crossed out, still reach out; all that means is that I have a singer lined up but nothing is recorded yet. I've had several singers flake/quit on me, so its good to have someone in the back pocket if that happens (think of it like an understudy).

Cast List Yet to be Filled

Character Gender Range Description
Thor Male Bass (E2-G3) Perhaps the most famous character in Norse Mythology, Thor is Odin's strongest son, and is often sent to perform tasks by his father that require sure success. Thor has one of the deepest voices, aggressive yet low pitch. (# of lines: 40)
Frey Male Tenor (B2-C#5) Frey is Njord's son, and also the lover of his sister, Freya. Frey contrasts his father and sister by being more suspicious of the unknown, and thus when war breaks out, he is sent to command the Vanir armies in battle. Frey should have a powerful rock vocal. (# of Lines: 86)
The Jotunn Leader Male Bass (E2-C4) The nameless leader of the Jotnar is introduced in the second half when he is asked to rebuild the Aesir's home. The Jotnar are an impoverished society but have a very strong work ethic. The leader is a deep bass like Thor, and despite his people's desperation, should still have confidence. After Loki's betrayal, his anger should be great, and reflective in his vocals and presence. Think Caiaphas from the original Judas Christ Superstar 1970 concept album or 1973 film. (# of Lines: 23)
Ensemble Male/Female Baritone (G2-Db4)
Mezzo-Soprano (D4-A5)
I am looking for small ensemble roles. There's a bit that has a background choir, and also a few harmonies alongside characters and even a shout/gang vocal section. (# of Lines: 6-22)