My Musical Journey through Music Composition

I started writing music when I was 13. The only experience I had was the theory I learned from piano lessons, as well as dissecting the scores out of what I refer to as my bible. It was enough for me to be able to arrange and notate parts for guitar and bass, instruments I had no idea how to play at the time.

Since then I've composed what probably amounts to over 150 songs. Despite still having all those Midi files on my computer, I stopped keeping track. I've written standalone rock pieces, video game soundtracks, rock operas, musicals, jazz studies, even winter percussion shows.

Earlier in 2018 I finally picked up a copy of Sibelius, which allows me to upload the scores with playback for the first time. Now I no longer have to show people cheesy midis without context.

I'm not really trying to sell anything here, but if you want to team up with me to write something together, e-mail me at

  • Raising the Red (Funk)

  • Breaking the Blue (Swing)

  • Measuring the Mystery (Jazz)

  • Yearning the Yellow (Bossa Nova)