My Musical Journey through Drums and Percussion

I started my drum journey back in 1999. I had played piano for many years, but the experience had grown stale. Watching my older brother's marching band inspired me to pick up the sticks, so I began my journey first on marching percussion, then later on the drumset.

While I regularly play in several bands and record, I am always looking for new gigs. I really enjoy playing musicals, performing with both Broadway Rose and Portland Center Stage in 2023. I am always looking to play in other shows, either school productions or even professional shows. I can sight read music, so I can pick up pieces with ease.

I can also play mallets, in addition to other concert percussion like timpani. I do not own these particular instruments so they would have to be provided. I also have basic proficiency in piano and bass guitar.

Even though I am currently in several different groups, I am willing to jump into a new project. My favorite style is rock music with technically busy drumwork; think Ian Paice or Mitch Mitchell. I can play many different styles though, as the following videos will prove. I am also down for remote recording gigs, as I maintain a professional quality drum recording rig.

If you're interested in hiring me or asking me to join your group, e-mail me at

  • Brush Work with Jazz

  • Brazilian Groove

  • Blues Rock

  • Upbeat Funk

  • Waltz Ballad

  • RnB