• Silver Eclipse is a musical expression of the feelings and emotions I felt during the 2017 total solar eclipse. From the backyard of my brother-in-law's parents' house in Silverton, I witnessed one of the singular greatest experiences of my life. I had to put it to music.

    Silver Eclipse is divided into seperate sections that represent, in the best way music can, how I felt during the whole eclipse process. Each section is titled accordingly. I remember as the sun dimmed, the air felt chilly and cool, despite being in the middle of August. Thus, the "Chill" section represents that feeling and moment.

    This took much longer to make and release than it should have. I wrote it in a matter of days, and I recorded all my parts in September and October of 2017 (I play drums, percussion including congas, gong, tambourine, and shakers, bass guitar, organ, piano, and synths). I had my friend Jamie Hamel come in a couple months later to record her viola parts. But my friend who I usually hire to do guitar parts was unavailable, and continued to be unavailable in the months after. Eventually I put the project on the back burner, and two years later I finally decided to finish it. I brought on a newer friend of mine, Dan Bacon, to record the guitar parts, and it was finished September 2019, over two years later.

    Since I was concentrating on finishing up and editing my book Life in the Rain, I was further delayed, but eventually sent it off to John Scrip of Massive Mastering, whom I became aquainted with years ago from the Home Recording.com forums, and now it is here!

    I produced a whole video with live shots of the recording process (these aren't mimed) with photos of the eclipse that I took (that has been part of this website since its launch). Also included some nature footage I shot and some creative commons clips from YouTube. With some creative animations and editing, I've released the video for free on YouTube. However, if you are feeling generous and want to support me, you can purchase this on Amazon, as I make the most money from that site. It will also be (if not already) on Spotify and other streaming services, but I make less money from streams so would appreciate a purchase from Amazon, Apple, or any other retailer.